....pulling in a long list of photos in a gallery, and I have a sort function
working within the pages of data fine. I need to bring it back out of the
paging stuff so that it sorts the data, THEN passes to the paging function.

My data comes from mysql > php > xml > Flex into an ArrayCollection, referred
to in MXML as {acSlides}.
Pass the array collection to the paging system like:
<utils:FXCPager id="fxcPager" pageIndex="{currentPage}" pageSize="{pageSize}"
dataProvider="{acSlides}" />
then assign in repeater:
<mx:Repeater id="slideRepeater" dataProvider="{fxcPager.pageData}">...</>
There is a button for sorting that calls a function a la:
private function sortByRating():void {
var sort:Sort = new Sort();
sort.fields = [new SortField("rating",false,true)];
fxcPager.pageData.sort = sort;
toggleRating = false;
What do I need to do to get this sort function to work on the {acSlides} array
collection instead of {fxcPager.pageData} ???