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Sound problem ... - FreeBSD

i configured Freebsd as my desktop, everything is working fine , except sound , freebsd havent seemed to pick up my sound card .. or its not configured , is there any utility there to configure sound ? thanks *., ,.** Allah-hu-Akber*., ,.** God is the Greatest __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Personals - Better first dates. More second dates. http://personals....

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    Default Sound problem ...

    i configured Freebsd as my desktop, everything is
    working fine , except sound , freebsd havent seemed to
    pick up my sound card .. or its not configured , is
    there any utility there to configure sound ?


    *., ,.** Allah-hu-Akber*., ,.**
    God is the Greatest

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    faisal Guest

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    Default Re: Sound problem ...

    > i configured Freebsd as my desktop, everything is 

    There you go...

    I hope that gives you an idea how to setup your sound card.


    Manuel Burki

    Manuel Guest

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    Default Re: Sound problem ...

    On Sunday 03 April 2005 05:49 am, faisal gillani wrote: 

    Have you gone through the multimedia section of the handbook? If
    not, have a look at the following link (link may wrap in email):


    wizlayer Guest

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    Default Re: Sound problem ...

    Faisal Gillani

    I do not like the handbook instructions, read my whining bellow. I would
    recommend following these procedures for configuring your sound card. The
    instruction in this email are very similar to the handbooks. Do not try to
    figure out what driver you sound card using form the Hardware Notes go
    directly to the /boot/loader.conf.

    1 If you have added the any sound devices to you kernel configuration remove
    remove them. Remove the lines
    device sound
    device snd_*
    You may or my not have this in your kernel. If you have not added the sound
    driver to your kernel the skip to the next step.

    2 You can easily look all the available sound drivers in
    the /boot/loader.conf. (the following list is from 5.3-STABLE, it may not
    match the drivers on your system) :
    sound_load="YES" # Digital sound subsystem
    snd_ad1816_load="NO" # ad1816
    snd_als4000_load="NO" # als4000
    snd_cmi_load="NO" # cmi
    snd_cs4281_load="NO" # cs4281
    snd_csa_load="NO" # csa
    snd_ds1_load="NO" # ds1
    snd_emu10k1_load="NO" # Creative Sound Blaster Live
    snd_es137x_load="NO" # es137x
    snd_ess_load="NO" # ess
    snd_fm801_load="NO" # fm801
    snd_ich_load="NO" # Intel ICH
    snd_maestro_load="NO" # Maestro
    snd_maestro3_load="NO" # Maestro3
    snd_mss_load="NO" # Mss
    snd_neomagic_load="NO" # Neomagic
    snd_sb16_load="NO" # Sound Blaster 16
    snd_sb8_load="NO" # Sound Blaster Pro
    snd_sbc_load="NO" # Sbc
    snd_solo_load="NO" # Solo
    snd_t4dwave_load="NO" # t4dwave
    snd_via8233_load="NO" # via8233
    snd_via82c686_load="NO" # via82c686
    snd_vibes_load="NO" # vibes
    snd_driver_load="NO" # All sound drivers

    2 If you now what driver supports your card you can test the driver by using
    # kldload snd_<drivername>
    You can test to see if your sound card is support by FreeBSD and load all the
    sound drivers with ( I believe this will work, it has been months since I
    have done this)
    #kldload snd_driver
    This will test all the snd drivers.

    3. You will now need to configure your /boot/loader.conf so that the driver
    will load every time you reboot your computer. Add the following lines to
    your /boot/loader.conf


    You can load all the sound driver with

    I hope this helps

    Aaron Siegel

    My whining attached bellow
    This is one section in the manual I do not like, I found if made configuring
    the sound card more complicated than it needs to be. To add to being
    complicated it was hard to determine what driver are available. The hardware
    notes,, is not
    consistant. It names the drive that support some cards but does give the
    driver used by other cards. For example, it clearly shows the Advance Asound
    100 and 110 uses a sbc driver but the hardware notes does not mention what
    drive supports the VIA Technologies VT82C686A. There are no man pages
    written for most of the sound drivers nor are their any references to the to
    them in the man pages. The only drives listed in the man pages snd_csa(4),
    snd_gusc(4), and snd_sbc(4). Writing the man pages was no my todo list at
    one time.

    On Sunday 03 April 2005 03:49, faisal gillani wrote: 
    Aaron Guest

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    Default Re: Sound problem ...

    Aaron Siegel wrote: 

    While most of what you say is correct, and I have opted to use
    loader.conf for sound, this file is actually in /boot/defaults/loader.conf

    By default, /boot/loader.conf is either non-existant, or has very little
    in it.

    Telling the OP to look in /boot/loader.conf for the lines above will
    confuse him/her.

    In general, /boot/defaults/loader.conf is a great place to start. Much
    like /etc/defaults - these are set as the system defaults. putting the
    lines you want in /boot/loader.conf over rides the system defaults.

    Also worth noting (as with /etc/defaults) the user ought to get into the
    habit of editing the proper files instead of the system default files.

    Best regards,

    Nothing is ever so bad it can't be made worse by
    firing the coach.
    Chris Guest

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    Default Re: Sound problem ...

    Hash: SHA1

    On 2005-04-03, Aaron Siegel scribbled these
    curious markings: 

    Then fix it.

    Best Regards,
    Christopher Nehren
    Version: GnuPG v1.4.0 (FreeBSD)

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

    I abhor a system designed for the "user", if that word is a coded
    pejorative meaning "stupid and unsophisticated". -- Ken Thompson
    If you ask the wrong questions, you get answers like "42" and "God".
    Unix is user friendly. However, it isn't idiot friendly.

    Christopher Guest

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    Default Re: Sound problem ...


    The /boot/defaults/loader.conf contains the defaults configurations and
    the /boot/loader.conf contains your custom configurations. It is the same a
    rc.conf and make.conf. You should never change any of the files in the
    default directory, this is why they are not writeable. When you perform an
    upgrade, the default files are replaced with the new file from the upgrade.
    So after an upgrade you will loose all the changes you made in the files
    contained in the defaults directories, and will have to reconfigure all those
    settings. The /etc/rc.conf, /etc/make.conf, and /boot/loader.conf are not
    edited in the upgrade process so you will maintain all your configurations.
    You must create the /boot/loader file and add the appropriate lines to that

    In summary, do not make changes to the files in the defaults
    directory, /boot/defaults and /etc/defaults.

    Aaron Siegel

    On Sunday 03 April 2005 09:25, Chris wrote:
    Aaron Guest

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