Hi all,

I got two questions about spell check in FM. It's probably been asked
before, but I don't find it, neither does Google :(
Anyway, I use FM Pro 6,0v2 on Win NT4 sp6a.
FM is English but Win is Dutch.

The English dictionaries are installed by default.
But now I want to do this:

I've populated the user dictionary with words we commonly use eg names
and places. Now want to distribute this file through the organisation.
I first wanted to place the userdictionary (renamed file) on the
server and have everybody link to this dictionary by using 'select
dictionaries'. But it does not seem to work, when you have to add
files. The file is probably locked.
So, I can only distribute the userdictionary and have everybody placed
it locally and redistribute an updated file from time to time.
Or is there an other solution?

Second problem I have: FM does not seem to remember which dictionaries
I've selected every time I log in. I need to select the main
dictionary again (Dutch in my case) and of course my populated user
But when I log off and log in again, it's again the default: English
and user.upr
Where can I change this? Is it on server level? Because I'm not
reponsible for the server, just a plain end-user :) Or is it something
I'm missing locally? Some setting?

Any help is appreciated, or references to websites or the RTFM :)