i have a table that returns information from a record set. This works fine. I
have one field on the table that needs to return a query from another record
set/query. I am not sure how to do this. Help would be great please.

This is a small part of the table.

<tr class="frm_field">
<td><div align="center">
<input name="update_leaseinfo" type="checkbox" id="update_leaseinfo"
value="<%=(rs_termdata.Fields.Item("termID").Value )%>">
<td><%=(rs_termdata.Fields.Item("termName").Value) %>&nbsp;</td>
<td><%=(rs_termdata.Fields.Item("storeNumeric").Va lue)%>&nbsp;</td>
<td><%=(rs_termdata.Fields.Item("termID").Value)%> &nbsp;</td>
<td><%=(rs_termdata.Fields.Item("status").Value)%> &nbsp;</td>
<td><%=(rs_termdata.Fields.Item("termType").Value) %>&nbsp;</td>

This is the query that I want to have in the line that contains termType.

Dim rs_termDesc
Dim rs_termDesc_numRows

Set rs_termDesc = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rs_termDesc.ActiveConnection = MM_cn_STRING
rs_termDesc.Source = "SELECT TerminalData.termType,
TerminalTypeDesc.description, TerminalTypeDesc.manufacturer,
TerminalTypeDesc.modelNumber FROM TerminalData INNER JOIN TerminalTypeDesc ON
TerminalData.termType = TerminalTypeDesc.code"
rs_termDesc.CursorType = 0
rs_termDesc.CursorLocation = 2
rs_termDesc.LockType = 1

rs_termDesc_numRows = 0