Can SQL Server 2000 manage the contacts in Exchange?
Is there any connectivity between SQL Server and Outlook XP?

Furthermore, can SQL Server 2000 sorta replace Exchange, i.e. can it
communicate DIRECTLY with MS Outlook?
I know MS Outlook XP can use mail merge functions utilizing a SQL Server
connection, but can contacts be inputed in Outlook and then be reflected in
SQL Server 2000? Perhaps using a COM-Addin???

I ask because my web hosting service has MS SQL SErver 2000 installed.
But for an email server, they use Unix qmail.

Ideally, I want to figure out if I should outsource the email server to
someone who has Exchange.


Would I be able to use MS SQL Server as an ad hoc solution to managing
contacts in MS Outlook XP. Having the ability to dynamically input and
output contact information from and into Outlook XP.

Yet another runaround may be linking SQL Server to Access. And then, Outlook
to Access? All dynamically, of course.

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,