This is nothing to do with the 2k vs xp. It is more likely due
to your changing the password of the account that SQL server is
set to run under. See <Start><Settings><Control Panel><Administrative Tools><Services>/
Scroll down to MSSQLSERVER, and see ( far right column ) what account it is set to run
under, by default I think this is the account you installed it under, so whenever you change
that accounts password you need to change SQL Servers password in order for it to run.
I tend to run SQL Server under localsystem for development where it does not need a password.
But you can change this by double-clicking on the service ( or right-click & properties ),
and changing the account/password it tries to start under.


"Handoyo" <handoyodotnetarea.com> wrote in message news:069601c34839$c35cf210$a301280aphx.gbl...
> Hi,
> Why I can not run my SQL Server 2k Developer Edition in
> Windows XP pro but, I can run it in Windows 2k pro?
> I can not start/ continue service at SQL Service Manager
> and I can not connect to SQL Enterprise manager either.
> Error Message "The Service did not start due to logon
> failure" is always pop up when I use SQL Server 2k in
> every time.
> Thank you for your attention.
> Regards,
> Handoyo