I am running SQL Server 6.5 on a W2K server. I recently encountered the
problem described in Microsoft KB atricle 153455. The server has NO
service packs installed on it. I have downloaded sp5a from the MS site
and tried to install it, but I am told that SQL Server is not installed
on the machine, which it is.

I know this is a stretch, but might anyone have the previous service
packs for 6.5? I can't find them on the MS site, probably because they
are ulative. My thoughts are if I can get some of the oder SP's
installed, then I could get 5a installed.

Alternately, does anyone know why the sp might be telling me ths SQL
Server isn't installed?

Any help is appreciated.

David Phelan
Pitman Company
Totowa, NJ
"No job is too big, no fee is too big.." Bill Murray-Ghostbusters

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