I have a DB2 8.1.2 (fixpack 2) client connecting to a DB2 7.2.7 (fixpack 9)
server. The DB2 7.2.7 instance is configured with the following security

authentication CLIENT
trust_allclnts DRDAONLY
trust_clntauth SERVER

Whenever I try connecting (connect to dbname user db2admin using password)
from an 812 client to the 727 server with the aforementioned security
settings, I receive the following:
SQL30082N Attempt to establish connection failed with security reason "24"

If I change authetication back to server (with trust_allclnts and
trust_clntauth set appropriately), the connection works fine. Is the
DRDAONLY trust_allclnts setting deprecated in 812, or is this a bug? (I
have tried this both on a linux and windows client and server, w/the same

Thanks in advance,

David Sarge
Enterprise Technology Partners, Inc.
DB2 Certified DBA
Oracle Certified DBA