You don't say exactly what you are having trouble with. Also, I am not
expert at this, but I didn't see another reply, so maybe the following will
do something for you.

Make a 300 x 300 square. Delete one of the corners, leaving you with a
triangle. Duplicate it and rotate it 180 deg and change the color. Line
these up to make your square. Add a frame to your doent and switch to
it, frame 2. Group both triangles and rotate them 180 deg. Switch back to
frame 1, drop a 300x300 slice over the square, and add a simple rollover
behavior to it. Export your doent and try it out. If it works, go back
and add your other stuff.

Let us know if this doesn't work out.


"Grump" <> wrote in message
> This prob'ly fairly easy, but I sure can't figure it out.
> I want a simple 2 color square, approx 300 X 300 pixels with the
> colors diagonal to each other -- the upper left is a dark color, the
> lower right is light. Within the dark half, I want to place an upside
> down L shape, equal sides, approx 10 - 15 pixels thick and with
> rounded outside corners. The L shape will be about 20 - 30 pixels from
> the left side and top and will be the same color as the lighter side
> of the square.
> Just under the top arm of the L, I will put the company name and it
> may extend onto the light colored part of the box. The light color
> will be the same color as the web page background, so you won't really
> see that it's a square, you'll see a triangle.
> When you pass your mouse over the area, I want the colors to switch --
> the L will be the dark color, as will the lower right of the box and
> the letters will also change appropriately.
> I am just beginning with Fireworks MX and would appreciate it if you
> could give me a step by step guide or instruction. At least enough to
> get me started. I haven't been able to get past the making of the box
> itself -- the halves never seem to be equal and I'm not sure I'm not
> going about it the hard way.
> Thank you.
> Grump