Hi there,

I'm building a new site and have just dived into SSL - I'm totally lost. My
provider has given me two directories to work with.

/HTML - My ASP.Net web site (the website's root directory)
/Secure_HTML - My SSL directory for secure stuff.

The HTML folder contains my ASP.net application and is organized in the
following way:

/ - Standard files accessible to anyone
/members - members section that needs authentication
/data - data uploaded by the members that can be viewed by anonymous users
/help - additional help files
/img - all graphic files

I've been looking for web tutorials and books at Chapters that explain this
but I can't find anything and I don't want to buy a book online because I
can't be sure of the content. This is what I don't understand:

1. If my web application is running inside of the HTML directory, should
pages like my login page (which authenticates the /members directory) be
kept in the Secure_HTML directory or should all of my members section be
stored there?

2. If the Secure_HTML directory is not a sub directory of the HTML folder,
how do I make my site jump between the two? Am I not technically leaving my
site every time I go to the SSL folder?

3. Does anyone know of any good books or sites that go into this in some

Thanks for your help.