Is there a way to prevent star-1.5a39 from putting only metadata into the
backup if ctime > mtime on incremtal backups?

Here is an example:

# Level-0 backup of the /mnt/test partition
star -cM -f /space/test-backup-level-0.tar level=0 -wtardumps -C /mnt/test .

# extract something that contains files with mtime < level-0-backup-time
cd /mnt/test ; tar xzf /some/where/something.tar.gz

# Level-1 backup of the /mnt/test
star -cM -f /space/test-backup-level-1.tar level=1 -wtardumps -C /mnt/test .

The Level-1 Backup will only contain the metadata of the unpacked files,
not the content. This optimisation is good for some cases, for others it
results in incomplete backups. Besides hacking the source, is there a
way to turn it off?