In spite of previous help, I'm getting nowhere. I thought I had
solved this by using the Linux Format coverdisk Morphix, which
installed everything, recognised the NIC - all perfect. Only
problem, when I installed it to the hard drive, the installer didn't
set up lilo, and the system was unbootable. In fact, it didn't
create a /boot directory at all.

So back to the Woody CDs. I am trying to install on thinkpad 570.
I use "bf24 floppy=thinkpad" (I think that was the unlikely-sounding
option it specified for thinkpad). The bf24 because I use ext3.
When I try to set up networking, I get a "Problem - No network
interfaces were found. That means the installation system was unable
to find a network device. If you do have a network card.... Go back
to the 'Configure Device Driver Modules' menu..." message. But there
are no relevant device driver modules listed, AFAICS. So, if I carry
on with the install, I will again have no network connection and no
way to ftp the up-to-date packages.

I can dredge the cover disks collection for other distros, or maybe
someone here can see a way out of this catch-22 situation?


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