Flash MX 2004 Professional. I have a simple movie. Two scenes. In scene one I
have a sound that loops. I'm using this actionscript to create a "toggle"
on/off mute button so the viewer can turn the sound off or back on

In frame 1
thisSound = new Sound()
soundOn = true

On the button
on (release)
if (soundOn)


This all works fine and dandy. Only problem is, when the movie goes to the
next scene, if the sound in scene one has been turned off, the sound in scene
two doesn't play either. Everything I read implies that this "mute" button
should only be turning that ONE sound (this.Sound which is attached to "loop")
off and on. Why does it also turn off the sounds in scene two and how can I fix
it so they stay on

Thanks for any help and insight