Hello All,

I recently came across a very frustrating issue when trying to create and store arrays within objects in a Shared object. It took me quite a while to finally track down what was going on, and discover a solution.

A problem exists when trying to store an object or array within a shared object. A reference to the stored object or array within the shared object still exists somehow so that if you try to create another object or array, the values of the first are overwritten, or changed. I still don't fully comprehend the problems with this as it is difficult to test and debug. However, by using the scripts and instructions within the thread I've linked to below, my problem was solved.

I just wanted to post the thread address here that contained the solution to my problem. The thread title doesn't really explain the problem, and I really only discovered it by fluke.

So, to hopefully prevent anyone else from going through the same frustrations I have, here is an appropriately title thread, with a link to the solution.



P.S. If anyone has any questions on the usage, i'd be happy to help.

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