I have a sticky situation that seems easy to solve. Each time a row
of a dataGrid (bound to webserviceA) is selected, a request to web
serviceB is made.

The sticky part is that each unique result from webserviceB (from a
unique row selection), must be saved in order to be used by another
object. I don't want the results to be overwritten each time a
request is made (i.e. when a different row of the dataGrid is

Here is a very rough illustration of what's in my head (very scary):

<dataGrid id="dg" dataProvider="webserviceA" change="webserviceB.send
()" /> //request will include <Category>{dg.selectedItem.CATEGORY}

webserviceB result should be bound to UNIQUE array/object so that
each result will be saved for use by another object.

Thanks for any help,