I am developing an fdf that fills in 3 form values into my pdf, and am
having some strange problems.

First off, this project is sort of an "update", in that I modified a
pdf that was being filled in with an fdf, only difference is I have
added/replaced some pages, added one new form, and have a javascript
that loads the current date into the new pdf.

So using the *same* visual basic code used to make the previous fdf
that works:

Option Explicit
Private Sub Main()
Dim FdfAcX As FDFACXLib.FdfApp
On Error Resume Next
Set FdfAcX = CreateObject("FdfApp.FdfApp")
Set FDF = FdfAcX.FDFCreate
FDF.FDFSetValue "Company", "MyCompany", False
FDF.FDFSetValue "Co", "My", False
FDF.FDFSetValue "Hidden", "Filev19", False
FDF.FDFSetFile "http://localhost/PDF/Filev19.pdf"
FDF.FDFSaveToFile "C:\file.fdf"
End Sub

I get the following fdf:

1 0 obj
/FDF << /Fields 2 0 R /F (http://localhost/PDF/Filev19.pdf)>>

2 0 obj
<< /T (Company)/V (MyCompany)>> << /T (Co)/V (My)>>
<< /T (Hidden)/V (Filev19)>>
/Root 1 0 R


But when I access the fdf from FireFox it asks me to save the fdf file
to my hard drive, then after its downloaded IE comes up asking for me
to save the Filev19.pdf to my hard drive, then when I save it open that
file none of my forms have been updated.

However, if I try changing the FDF.FDFSetFile
"http://localhost/PDF/Filev19.pdf" of my visual basic code to
"http://Filev19.pdf", it again asks me the save the fdf and open with
Adobe, except this time I go directly into Adobe with a prompt saying
that the Filev19.pdf could not be found and asks me to browse for it,
and if I go find the location of of Filev19.pdf on my hard drive the
forms are loaded correctly. If I run file.fdf from Windows Explorer it
goes directly into Adobe and loads the values just fine (the fdf and
pdf are in the same directory).

I can't find anything wrong with my code and don't understand why this
isn't working, has anyone else ever run into anything like this before?

Also, if I can't get this to work, is it possible for Adobe to grab
info from the url that was clicked on to open file? Say
[url]http://localhost/PDF/filename.fdf[/url], is there a way with Javascript to
grab that filename part of the url and import that into my form fields?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.