Hi all,

I don't know if this is possible, or if this is the correct forum for this,
but here goes.

I am trying to develop an application (Windows app) that will stream some live
generated graphics to the Flash Media Server which can then be viewed by other
users in real-time (or near real-time). I would like to avoid having to create
a virtual camera driver if possible. I am able to stream the data out to a
local FLV file which I can then view with a flash video player application.
However, I'm unsure if it's possible to stream this FLV out to the FMS to be
viewed by others. I tried creating a local NetStream object that plays the FLV
and then call attachVideo on my outgoing NetStream to the FMS, but it doesn't
seem to work. Viewing the management console I can see that the stream is
created, and it claims that it is "publishing", but no actual data seems to be
going through. (No FLV is ever created in the application folder on the FMS...
if I attach the Camera object instead to the same NetStream, then a FLV is
generated on the server).

Any ideas of how I can do this? Or, alternatively (actually preferably), is it
possible for an application that hosts the Flash Player as an ActiveX control
to provide a custom stream to the Flash Player that can be streamed to the FMS?

Any ideas would be great. Or if there is another place that I should go for
assistance on this, that would be good too.