I have a dedicated FMS (domain1.com). I am trying to stream FLVs off of it from
another server (domain2.com). domain1.com and domain2.com are both listed in
the allow list of Vhost.xml.

I can stream locally and remotely fine off of domain1.com as that is the
dedicated FMS. The problem is when I access a SWF on domain2.com that uses an
rtmp address ( looks like: rtmp://domain1.com/video/Example1.flv) to FLVs on
domain1.com, it only works locally. If I try to access it remotely through the
Internet, the FLVs do not load. I get no errors and it's just blank and hangs

Now, this is at a new job I started a couple of weeks ago. It's a pretty large
network with quite a few servers, and I don't have access to a lot of things
right now. I am thinking that they setup their firewall/router to allow remote
connections to 1935 for domain1.com, but they are not allowing connections to
that for domain2.com, which is a separate server.

I was also thinking that maybe they added domain2.com to Vhost.xml but never
restarted the FMS service. I'm thinking it's that or a firewall/router setting.
Any ideas? What else could cause it to stream fine locally but not remotely?