"Tim" <tim.fewsafersystems.co.uk> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I'm really struggling with a form I'm setting up as a
> production record database. I want to get my staff to fill
> in 1 box called customer account number and then have the
> customer name and address come up automatically, I can get
> this to work by changing the control source for the name
> and address boxes, but then it doesn't fill in the fields
> on the table that records the data.
> Has anyone got any ideas how to get past this, I've spent
> hours playing with it, but don't really know enough to get
> it to work.
Proper database design dictates that you don't do this. Data concerning your
customers belongs in one place and that is the customer table. You should only be
storing the account number in related tables and using queries or lookups to
*display* anything else you want about the customer. This way when customer data
changes, you change it in one place and you see those changes reflected throughout
your application.