Recently Bill Ray and I have introduced a site on Fireworks Styles. We
would love to receive some Styles from people out there.

Do you have Styles for Fireworks and want to share them with the rest of
the world? Then please send them to: [email]ccnkhome.nl[/email]

The site will be updated soon with new material, aswell as implementing
some tips that I have received from various people.

Ideas for Style related things are also very welcome. For instance,
there is a Style Designers Pack coming soon. More ideas? Send them in!



Kind regards,

Coen Naninck

Please do not E-mail me with questions about Fireworks issues. Post
them on the Forum instead. I can't contribute my time I have in
this Forum to also answering questions outside the Forum. It just
takes too much time and it doesn't help the rest of the world.

If you are sending me a file on my own request for help purposes,
then please include the thread subject header.

Thank you.

E-mail : [email]ccnkHAHAhome.nl[/email]
Business: [url]http://www.wetworks.nl[/url]