SysGuard 2003 is an excellent system recover software, which is very
efficient and easy to use!

I hope you can try and recommend it !

SysGuard 2003 is much better than Norton Ghost! I promise!

Software Description :

SysGuard 2003 is a powerful advanced system recover software, which will
help you to get your healthy system and whole data back .

Key Functions: Recover system in seconds; Backup System; Fix registry;
Undelete File; Clear Virus.

You need SysGuard 2003 if your computer encounters the following problems:

1.Can not boot system
2.System crashed, Blue Screen Of dead
3.Infection of any virus/worm/trojan
4.Attacked by crackers/script-kiddies
5.Installed an incorrect hardware driver
6.Registry being modified by harmful web pages, so that IE and other
softwares work abnormally
7.Accidental deletion of important files with SHIFT key pressed
8.File system destroyed
9.Partition table lost


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