Ok here we go again. Sometihng is wrong with the Illustrator 10.0.3/Suitcase 10.2.2 relationship. Illustrator refuses to acknowledge that fonts are open when they are. Other programs are somehow able to see these fonts even though Illustrator won't.

Why? I've deleted the 'AdobeFnt05' files, the 'fontTablesAnnex' files and all of that. What is going on?? Sometimes it take multiple restarts to get it to work, and I don't know WHY it works then, but it finally does. Until Illustrators inevitable SBBOD and force quit when I get to start the fun all over again!

It might be unfair to blame Illustrator, but suitcase seems to get along with everything else, and besides, Illustrator has not run that well for me even when suitcase is off. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've searched old posts and I've seen other people with this problem but never a clear solution. For now I'm reduced to putting fonts into my user>library>fonts folder just to get my work done. Bah!

Any advice will be much appreciated.