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On 9 Jul 2003 10:47:34 -0700, [email]meotmanix.de[/email] wrote:
>But I think won't have much time for testing solaris X86 because of
>much work work in firm... We change our HP-UX servers (N- and K-class
>machines) to 2 Sun Fire 6800 ;-)
>What I learned today: if you want to restart one of these machines you
>can go drinking a pot of copy instead of a cup at the HP-Servers...
>The domain concept is a new thing the old stuff didn't have and the
>solaris logical volume manager is quite different to the HP-UX/Veritas

You need to find out how to change the diag mode, from the default which is
fairly verbose, to the minimum level.
This is done on the system controller, in the special domain-specific
directories, I believe. You'll have to go diving in the doentation.
(or use groups.google.com for comp.unix.solaris :-)

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