I've installed SuSE 8.2 on my laptop and basically it works great. The
only thing is that sound does not work. If I use the YaST Control Center
to configure sound, it recognises a M5451 PCI AC-Link Controller Audio
Device and it wants to configure it as the first sound card
(snd-card-0). If I press Next the system freezes and I have to switch
off the computer.
I also installed RedHat 9 and it recognises the same sound card and has
no problems in configuring it. Only when I play music there is every 20
seconds or so a squeek of 2 seconds.
I know nothing about soundcards and I don't know where to start looking
to solve the problem. Do I need to recompile a kernel (never did that
before)? What do I have to check in the RedHat system to make the same
changes in the SuSE system to make it work in SuSE (I prefer to use SuSE).