In attempting to compile swish on osr5.0,6 i get this message. Anyone know
where to get this xml library for OSR5.0.6?


checking for libxml libraries >= 2.4.3... configure: error: You need at
least libxml2 2.4.3 for this version of swish

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> willjay <> wrote:
> >Anyone know what an swe file type is. I am seeing it in urls on some
> >websites. Is it some sort of cgi file?
> And index file generated by swish-e or swish++
> The Linux Journal has an article called "How to index anything"
> [url][/url]
> Your timing is impeccable as that article only was posted today.
> The article discusses ways of indexing and includes the
> SWISH-E - Simple Web Indexing System For Humans - Ehanced.
> Bill
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