I took some swf files to a friends running Windows XP. Opened them in his
Netscape and they ran fine. Then installed MX2004. After this when opening any
swf files the fist frame appears but the movie will not play and there is of
course no sound. This is regardless of whether using Netscape or Macromedia
Flash player. So I uninstalled MX2004 and it still does not work so I had
Windows XP go back to a restore point of a day before and still cannot get back
to having any swf movies play.

At the same time - though maybe not related but I think so - when opening mp3
files in Winamp they open but will not play - only the first "fame" of music
then stop. But if I open the mp3 in Media Player they work. Before installing
MX2004 Winamp worked fins also.

I have no idea what to do - I tried to reinstall Winamp but no luck.

Thanks if you have any suggestions