Hey guys,

I'm having a major problem. I'm trying to create a project that involves
recording audio based on a video and then playing them back together in sync.
The recording is sent to a Flash Media Server and the video comes from a local

When recording starts I create the netConnection and netStream respectively. I
then create an onStatus even for the net stream so that what the status code ==
NetStream.Publish.Start the video begins to play.

Then when I play back the recording I create an inStream for the newly
recorded file to play through. Once its onStatus event == "playing" the my
local video file starts.

To me this all seems logical but there are obvious sync issues. I've managed
to capture a delay between my initial call for my outStream to publish and the
time that it actually sends the onStatus event. I've tried thinking of ways to
use this data to affect my playback but nothing has worked right now.

Hopefully someone out there has worked on a similar project or at least has
experience with these types of things.

Thanks so much in advance,
Mr. PinC