This question is related to Microsoft Reporting Services Web service. I
tried asking it in RS groups but no one seems to be knowledgeable enough to
answer, so I wanted to try my chances here. Thanks...

I am trying to get the code below to work with no success, I googled the
issue but docs popped up provided little help. Basically I am trying to
create a directory in RS that uses Forms authentication. Everything works on
the Forms authentication side, but it looks like the cookie created using
the web service somehow does not satisfy RS and it tries to redirect to the
logon page.

Could you point me with a doent or just provide me with a working sample?

I already tried Teo Lachev's example with no luck.



PS: Both web application and the RS are on the same server.

ReportingService rs = new ReportingService();
ReportServerProxy server = new ReportServerProxy();

// Get the server URL from the Report Manager configuration file
server.Url = AuthenticationUtilities.GetWebServiceUrl();
bool passwordVerified = false;
server.LogonUser("user","password", null);
passwordVerified = true;
Message.Text = "Login Error, please try again";
// Create a custom property for the folder.
Property newProp = new Property();
newProp.Name = "Department";
newProp.Value = "Finance";
Property[] props = new Property[1];
props[0] = newProp;
string folderName = "Budget";
rs.CreateFolder(folderName, "/", props );
Label2.Text="Folder created: "+ folderName;
catch(Exception ex)