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> > Hi all,
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> > I'm planning to teach a free basic Unix class one evening a week for
> > employees at my company. Does anyone have an idea where to get a good
> > course outline and handout type of deal predone for this? Doesn't have
> > be fancy. For now, I'm just looking for very basic stuff like the
> > difference between some of the standard shells and how to use ls, cat,
> > and stuff like that. I could write something but it would take me quite
> > while with the little free time that I have and it just seems like a
> > of time when it's been done by so many already. I'm willing to pay a
> > bucks for something if needed but since I won't be charging for or
> > paid for doing this I need to keep the costs down as much as possible.
> > also interested in some basic shell or Perl programming stuff since I'm
> > thinking of offering some training in those areas as well. I'm in
> > Texas if any local folks have suggestions for this.
> Part of teaching is developing the course. You have some idea already
> on what you want to teach. Start even before that--what are the goals
> of the course? If you don't have time to develop it, why are you
> teaching it.
> Who is the audience? Teaching adminstrators to program in perl is
> rediculous as is teaching managers how to administer a Unix system.
> What are the basic skills you want people to aquire? Start them on
> basic concepts like the filesystem, processes, how to use vi, basic
> shell stuff (redirection, pipes, background/foreground).
> How long is each session and how many sessions? Will they have "lab
> time" to practice what's being taught?
> If you don't have time to write the course, consider a local community
> college's course. But then, they could go there and get college credit.
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Thanks for the feedback. I'm a Solaris Admin and there are a couple servers
we make available to our Operations employees so they can execute scripts
and such. I would like to hold a few training sessions each month to those
interested in learning the very basics. Hopefully this might spark some
interest in Unix/Linux in a few people and show that it's not nearly as
scary as many people think. The curriculum is simple to come up with and
the concepts are pretty simple to teach but I would prefer not to spend the
time writing my own booklet if one of the hundreds other people have written
to teach the exact same thing is available. I imagine the majority of
classroom time being spent presenting a topic such as what happens when I
change $PATH and then letting people work through a couple exercises and
pick my brain for whatever they want. Local college courses are not free
and not done in the same building where our employees work as mine will be.