Hi all,
I have read past postings, checked syntax and code (to the best of my
somewhat humble abilities) and tried all sorts of solutions short of
dancing naked under a full moon.

The problem is with a template - a quite ordinary template. Whenever I
try to do certain things in a child page, it brings up the "Making
change would require changing code that is locked by a template or
translator. The change will be discarded" error.

The changes include doing a <p> rather than a <br> (this creates big
problems for lists!), justifying text, paragraph formatting, changing
background colours.

Things that go OK include changing text size, emboldening,
italicising, applying CSS, adding hyperlinks.

I have uploaded the site to
[url]http://www.uluswebdesign.co.uk/compproject/[/url] for those interested in
saving me from disillusionment.

Many thanks
Richard Williamson