I am running 2 x Terminal Servers with WinNT 4 with MF
1.8. They are both authenticating on a 2003 Server, and
pulling policy & profiles from that server. The issue we
found was after about 15-20 users were logged onto each
server, it would stop letting additional clients
connecting with the message: System could not log you on
because domain DOMAINNAME is not available.

It must be a resource issue because after the 2003 server
is rebooted, more clients can log on to the Terminal

We thought we had resolved the problem after checking
Q232476 and upping the MaxMpxCt and MaxWorkItems registry
settings to the recommend levels in the article.

However we are still experiencing the same issue one of
the Terminal Servers and it is not affecting any PC users
we have.

Can anyone give me any advice?