I haven't been able to post on this Forum for a couple of days--have tried
various fixes so this is a test.

But didn't want everyone to open the post for nothing, so:

<rant>just purchased a flash card reader for my digital camera and because
of the stupid packaging broke the enclosed CD when opening it. Went to
their support site thinking I would be able to download a copy of the
driver. The site is [url]www.dazzle.com[/url] . Guess what? You cannot even enter
their site without installing Shockwave. Really helpful when you're looking
for support for their product.</rant>

Fortunately, it turned out the reader installed using plug-and-pray okay, so
I don't need their stupid software.

For another example of a very poorly designed and unusable site, search for
the Anaheim Disneyland on google, dogpile, or any other search engine you