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I have a fast question and that is I have a picture and I would like to type text under it. How can I do that? Can someone please tell me Step by Step?...

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    Default Text under a Picture

    I have a fast question and that is I have a picture and I would like to type text under it. How can I do that?

    Can someone please tell me Step by Step?
    Andy 23 Guest

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    Default Re: Text under a Picture

    It is more like a doent that iI have to put under the Photo.
    Andy 23 Guest

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    Default Re: Text under a Picture

    Andy, to do that, you would need to increase the canvas on the side where you want the text or else add the text in your page layout program.

    Now, having said that, we are a friendly and helpful bunch and don't at all mind answering your questions, but I think you will get her faster, Andy, if you just buckle down and run the tutorials and read the sites that have been suggested in your other posts. PE is a GREAT program, but it does have a learning curve and trying to learn too many things all at once is just going to confuse you.

    Start with layers and go from there and you'll get it pretty quickly, but for now I think you will ultimately be happier if you just accept that it's not very easy to just hit the deck running full speed when you first start with PE. It's a program where you get out of it what you put into it.

    There's a lot there, but very few people are able to use it all at once when they are just beginning, so read, do tutorials, come back with questions about them, and it won't be long before you'll feel comfortable with PE.
    Barbara Brundage Guest

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    Default Re: Text under a Picture


    You really owe it to yourself to become acquainted with the PSE manual, and Help files. You'll be able to answer a lot of your own questions without the delay of waiting for someone to reply!

    Also, I can't recommend strongly enough the benefit of acquiring a third-party book dedicated to the use of PSE. I have two, which I suggest without reservation:

    "Photoshop Elements 2 Solutions" by Mikkel Aaland, and "50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques" by Gregory Georges.

    At the minimum, read the manual and run through the tutorials available on the PSE Welcome screen. (If you've turned it off, you can open it by Window > Welcome).

    Congratulations, though, on picking a wonderful program to learn...

    Byron Gale Guest

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    Default Re: Text under a Picture


    Photoshop and Photoshop Elements aren't intended to be page layout programs.
    They do have simple text features where you can place text in a graphical
    image but they don't have the features to control the various elements that
    you would want to control such as interline spacing or kerning for example.

    For appending a doent, you are much better off using a page layout
    program or a text processing program such as MS Word, WordPerfect, or Star
    Office. Any of these would let you take an image and place it on a page,
    adjust the position and size, and add as much text as you would like with
    complete control.

    If you are just adding a few lines, you can expand the canvas size to make
    room for the text and use the text tool to place the text.


    RobertHJones Guest

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    Default Re: Text under a Picture


    OK, here is a quick one on getting text below a picture. This might help
    you along the way.

    With your picture open:
    Click Image and then Resize and then Canvas Size
    Now change the Height (add enough height to fit your text) Don't say OK
    Now just below the dimensions click the "UP" arrow on "anchor" (This adds
    the extra canvas to the bottom)
    Now click OK
    Back on the picture there is extra canvas at the bottom.
    Click on the text tool and on the top of the screen just above the
    picture... set font and size and color
    Now click on the new canvas area and either type or "paste" (if you have
    copied from somewhere else) your text in
    Now click the "Selection Tool" (looks like a plus sign with right tool)
    A "bounding box" will appear around your text
    "Without Clicking" move your cursor over the box until it becomes an arrow
    pointing to about 11 O'clock
    NOW "Click and Hold" and you can move that box to position it approximately
    where you want it
    Let go with mouse (but don't click anywhere because you will loose the
    bounding box)
    Use arrow keys to move box to exact position you want
    Now click anywhere to remove bounding box.

    Now you have a picture with another "layer". The Text Layer. There is that
    word again......layer.


    Pete D Guest

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    Default Re: Text under a Picture

    I've spent hours with the manual, and your help was so much clearer, thanks! However, I got the bounding box ok, and I couldn't do: "Let go with mouse (but don't click anywhere because you will loose the
    bounding box)
    Use arrow keys to move box to exact position you want
    Now click anywhere to remove bounding box." For some reason the box remains and the text will not print or appear as normal text, nor appear in print preview.
    Perhaps there is a step I'm missing. Thanks for your help.
    Carol Halbach Guest

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    Default Re: Text under a Picture

    Carol, here's another way that might try.

    First, as in Pete's method, get that extra canvas at the bottom. Then, choose the Text tool from the toolbox, and on the Text toolbar which appears when you select the tool, set your font and type size, and choose center text from the three choices (left justify, center and right justify). Then click on the extra canvas area approximately at the midline of the canvas. Start typing your text, and your text should center itself on the spot you picked as the middle. Then click the check mark on the text tool bar and you're finished. If you want to move the text a little, switch to the Move tool (4-pointed array at top right of toolbox), point at the text box, and move it around by clicking and holding your mouse, then release it when it's where you want it.

    Hope that helps.

    Chuck Snyder Guest

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    Default Re: Text under a Picture

    Gee, Chuck, I just came back to do that now that dinner is cooking! :)
    Beth Haney Guest

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    Default Re: Text under a Picture

    Thanks everyone. I did finally get titles under my pictures. I'm working on a family project and am trying to preserve photos that are 60+ years old. They are coming out well!
    Carol Halbach Guest

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    Default Re: Text under a Picture

    Elements is great for projects like that, isn't it? Several of us on the forum are working on this kind of stuff.
    Beth Haney Guest

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