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The Eclipse is really beautiful! Not going to try to take any pictures, just going to look at it and enjoy it. Clear, cold, and perfect conditions to see the sky here in the NE USA. Jane...

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    Default The Eclipse!

    The Eclipse is really beautiful!
    Not going to try to take any pictures, just going to look at it and enjoy it.
    Clear, cold, and perfect conditions to see the sky here in the NE USA.
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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    It can be seen a few miles North of us, but the clouds (that weren't present all day long) are now moving in from the South. No eclipse viewing for us this time. Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    We had a great veiw here in Minnesota but as I had to start work at 6:00pm, and was very busy from the get go, I only caught the end. It was still pretty neat though.

    Clear, cold,

    Yeah here too. When I got off work this morning at 6:00am it was 11 below zero. Ba ba ba brrrrrr......

    Joe Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    No joy here! The clouds blocked the view completely. We may get rain

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    Didn't see a thing as there was so much cloud ! Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    I did see the eclipse last night in a sort of round about bizarre way. I
    went to a banquet that was in honour of five peoples that organised an
    astronomy club ten years ago. The guest speaker was the host of CBC's
    Quirks and Quarks, Bob McDonald. All the guest were Astronomers, both
    amateur and professional and their significant others. During each course
    of the meal most people got up from the table and went outside for a peek.
    One of the guest brought a small telescope and set it up just for this
    purpose. It was a strange sight ladies in evening gowns, men in tuxes,
    tails in hand, milling around, waiting for a look through the
    telescope while their plates were being replaced back in the hall. Yes I
    have a strange bunch of friends but I would not change them for all the tea
    in China.

    go. Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    Anyone remember the lunar eclipse of August 1989? I saw it at home (London) where conditions were perfect; whereas most if not all of the Continental US was cloudy. The next day I went, half-dead with lack of sleep, to Cincinatti on business and a couple of days later having a free evening I went to the Planetarium there. I took great pleasure when the commentator remarked "I don't suppose anyone here saw the eclipse, did they?" in calling out "Yes, and it was the best I've ever seen!".

    It was a bit like handing round Cuban cigars in restaurants in the US, a pleasure I occasionally indulged in. Bought duty-free at Heathrow they weren't too expensive. Nowadays of course in New York and some other sad places they would be banned for being cigars, not for being Cuban!

    Andrew Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    Grant, I don't think they are strange at all. What i find strange is people who go to banquets to see what other people are wearing and who they are..........ya know. People with 'actual' interests in things other this are the only ones that interest me. Did you see the aurora borealis on the night of oct. 31 st ??? Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    Hi Jodi, We actually saw the aurora borealis here on Cape Cod, that almost never happens here.
    We are on the south side, but our local newspaper and some local photographers got some fantastic pictures of it.
    My husband has a really neat old telescope and I wish he would set it out this winter. That used to be a lot of fun, and it is now sitting in a corner of our cellar.
    Just the incentive I need to get him to set it up. Wouldnt it be fun to see what we could 'capture' with the digital cameras thru it!
    Jane Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!


    I did see the aurora on that night or was it the previous night or was it
    .... oh my the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    g. Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    Did anyone get any good eclipse photos they can share with us? Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    I have a composit that made from a bunch of pictures I took. I didn't get as sharp a picture as it looked on the camera display. Here it is anyway.

    <> Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    Really nice shots Bob!

    Terry Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    Bob wonderful shot and I love the curve of the moons as apposed to the usual
    straight line. well done.

    g. Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    That is some very nice work Bob. Thanks for sharing.

    Have A Nice Day,
    jwh :-)
    My Pictures

    <com> wrote in message
    didn't get as sharp a picture as it looked on the camera display.
    Here it is anyway. Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    Hi Bob, That is a wonderful picture of the eclipse! You caught the best of the whole show!
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Jane Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!


    That's a beauty!

    Thanks for letting me see what was happening on the other side of the

    Byron Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I shall smile for the rest of the year now. Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    Add my praise to both the picture and your composite. Excellent.

    Pete Guest

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    Default Re: The Eclipse!

    Bob, your photo composite of the eclipse is wonderful. We had a very clear night here in southeast Michigan and enjoyed the show. My 3-year old granddaughter in Wisconsin watched it, too. Would you permit me to make a print of your photo to send to her as a memento? She has had a fascination with the moon since she could first say the word and point to the moon in the sky.
    Eva Guest

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