Hi all, Using Contribute CS3 against Contribute Publishing Server-- I have
the site uploaded and set up within Contribute and CPS. But I am experiencing
consistent 'The selected file does not exist' errors whenever I try to open
most doents within the site. I click the 'Choose' button, navigate to a
file -- I can see its contents in the 'Preview' box within the Choose dialog --
and when I click 'OK', I get that file does not exist error. This is happening
with most but not all files in my site tree. Trying to find a common
denominator, it certainly does seem that files which trigger this error are all
templated files. Non-templated files open fine. Contribute is configured to
talk to the server (IIS) via WebDAV.. Am trying to get the sysadmins to enable
FTP to see if this behavior also shows up then, but have not been able to get
this done yet. Thanks all :-) Reuben