I don't know if it helps, but I get this message when viewing an aspx
page from my Toshiba E750 pda.

The first page comes up fine. I then logon and am passesd to a second
page, which reads some parameters from the first page, and then stores
stuff in some hidden fields and also some arraylists.

My guess is that pocketpc2002 explorer is not up to the job?!!, but
hey it should only be getting standard html! n'est-ce pas

Gordon Moore

"bob kosko" <bobkoskohotmail.com> wrote in message news:<45b101c32552$28f64500$a501280aphx.gbl>...
> Hi Chris,
> Have you solved your problem yet. I have been having
> the same problem recently. I created the site on a Win
> 2000 machine which has IIS 5.0 and I installed the site on
> a new netserver with IIS 6.0 and on the new site I am
> getting these error messages.
> I notice that the error messages occur when I use the
> page after a long period of time. But I do have the
> session time-out set at 120 minutes and I am never away
> that long. Lucky for me its a admin web site which is used
> internally.
> Note that when I run my site from the IIS 5.0 machine I
> NEVER have these problems.
> Don't know if this will help but maybe its a clue.
> Bob