OK, So here I was with my angry six year old daughter not able to get on
Disney`s Virtual Magic Kingdom because of the last update I had done to
shockwave. It had installed shockwave version Which totally
ed all three of my home sytstems up. (2 pcs and 1 laptop) Anyways after
reading all and trying all... which hey the Mozilla Firefox download did work.
I finally got the bright idea of actually following Adobe`s directions and
updated my Internet Explorer on my daughters computer first running ME. I
updated it to Internet explorer 6.0 and re-installed shockwave just to find out
that guess what... they were right it ran great the first install. I followed
up with the other two computers both running Windows XP Pro but still only
installed IE6.0 and everything is working great. Download IE6.0 right from
[url]www.microsoft.com/ie[/url] There is also IE7.0 Beta but I chose to stick with what
worked for me! I hope this message helps some others out there... if you
haven`t tried it you got nothing to lose.

Good Luck All !!!!! E.B.