Wireless buffalo, a new way to block spam, and floating mice:
TidBITS is full of surprises this week. Newly crowned Contributing
Editor Glenn Fleishman expands his AirPort network with Buffalo
routers. Adam looks at Eudora 6.0, including its new SpamWatch
feature. Keith Kaiser thinks beyond the mouse pad with Gyration's
Ultra gyroscopic mouse. In the news, we welcome Fetch Softworks
as a new sponsor, announce the winner of last week's DealBITS
drawing, look at iTunes Music Store sales, and note releases
of new iMacs, larger iPods, Salling Clicker 2.0, and FileMaker
Pro Applications.

AirPorts Where the Buffalo Roam
Eudora 6.0 Slams Spam, Concentrates Content
Talkin' About My Gyration
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