I am Updating a record on a hosted SQL-S2K. I am using a
WebService and a stored procedure to do the Update. Two
of the columns are smalldatetime datatypes of which I only
need the time. I usually plug in a current date and the
specific time i want to save. After updating, the time
recorded is exactly 3 hours less than the time I entered.
No matter what date/time i put in, the hour is always 3
less than i entered. I even went as far as entering the
date/time as a string and casting it inside of the stored
procedure, even then the hours of the time are always
three less than entered. Coincedent or not the Web/SQL
host is in CA and i am on the east coast (3 hours
difference). I can bypass the WebService and hit the Proc
directly and it works OK. However I am very confused as
to why going through the WebService as a string and
casting inside the SP still causes the problem.