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I have a Retina display new iPad. I have a TiVo Premiere DVR, which records HD programming. Naturally, my geeky self got to thinking: "Wouldn't it be cool to transfer my favorite shows from the TiVo to the iPad 3?" Yes, it would be cool. But the TiVo-sanctioned software I used for the job proved to be expensive, time consuming to use, and ultimately didn't deliver the quality I had hoped for. TiVo Desktop will only convert to 640x480 (or less). I'm not sure if this was done to prevent piracy or because it's quicker than converting to HD. I've converted using Video Redo and it takes forever….

If you plan to regularly transfer tons of TiVo shows to iPad at higher resolution and sharper video quality, Pavtube TiVo Video Converter will save you money and time. The app can load .tivo files straightly for converting to iPad compatible video- actually there're presets for you to convert TiVo to new iPad 1080p video and previous iPad 2 and iPad 1st gen, which plays up to 720p HD video. When transcoding .tivo to .mp4 H.264 video, the TiVo Video Converter can accelerate conversion speed by taking advantage of GPU encoding, as it supports both Nvidia CUDA and AMD APP tech.

How to transfer TiVo shows to iPad:

1. Use free tool TiVo Desktop to download TiVo shows to computer.

2. Convert .tivo files to iPad 3 full HD video. If you plan to put TiVo recordings to iPad 2 or iPad 1ST generation with best possible quality, convert TiVo to 720p HD MP4 video instead.

3. Add converted HD shows to iTunes library, connect you iPad to computer and sync converted TiVo shows to iPad 3.

Software Availability:

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