We are working on a MacOS X like GUI environment (called myPDA) for
the Zaurus (currently available the Z5500) and have now first
"proof-of-concept" demonstrator software available.

The software is an application package (.ipk) for the Zaurus based on
GNUstep/mGStep, X11-zaurus and the mlvwm window manager. You just
install and need a single click and it (should) start.

You can find it for download (binaries and partially sources) at


What we would greatly appreciate is your comment and support about
bugs, feature requests, voluntary help, opinions, hints, ideas, etc.

So if you are a Mac-addict and own a Zaurus and are interested in this
project, please look at the above mentioned page - try the software,
and vote for the polls provided there to express your interest.

Nikolaus Schaller