Hi all!

First at all thanks to Joseph for his help with CVS. Those days, I
finally got CodeWarrior working with my CVS server. (Client: OS 10.2.6
with CW 8.3 - Server: Mac OS X Server 10.3)

I don't know if I followed the right way, but it finally works. I had
no problems accesing my cvs server via command line statements, but
with de mwCVS plugin it's just so hard to get it.

The main problem is that this plugin doesn't have configuration
options. I'm using ssh and in order to avoid to type everytime my
password, I created a key pair. I need to open CodeWarrior from
Terminal too.

Please, people from Metrowerks, Can you give us a configuration manual
to mwCVS plugin??

Is anybody using mwCVS plugin?

Any suggests will be appreciated.