In the feature-request-forum we had a thread concerning a key which toggles
between text- and select-tool. PM-users possibly are used to have such a
key (F9 or command+space on Mac).
In ID there is no toggle-fuction implemented, but it can be realized by
editing the key-shortcuts. For those who are interested in, but don't read
the FR-forum, I post this solution as following. Pardon me if I don't
translate some menu-entries correct from my german edition.

To get a "toggle-key", open the shortcut-preferences-box and do following:

1. top left there are two pulldown-menues. In the second choose the
last item "Tools"

2a. In the appearing tool-listing go to the selecting-tool (not
direct-select!). Bottom-left there is the field where to enter
the desired key. Click into and choose the key which should
become the toggle-key.

2b Next right you see a pulldown-menue "context" (or similar in english).
Choose "Text" and confirm.
This makes the key to switch to selecting-tool while in text-mode.

3a. Now in the listing go to the "Text"-tool. Then again click into the
bottom-left field and enter again the desired toggle-key.

3b Then in the context-pulldown choose "Standard" (or "Default"?).
Confirm. This makes the key to switch to text-tool while in selecting-mode.

That's it. With some logical thinking you can add some more usefull

This setup imitates the original PageMaker-behaviour pressing F9 or
Command-space (Mac). The only difference is that toggling with this
key-definition-construct of course only works if an item is selected. And it
toggles only that way defined in the preferences, while PM toggles between
the select-tool and the last used tool.

Have a nice week - Uwe