I need your advise about setting the sysctl.conf for my Linux box (RH
7.3, kernel 2.4.20). My system has 512 MB of RAM, 40 GB UltraATA 100.
It runs as dedicated Squid HTTP proxy.

Few months ago system run very good. But within last few weeks Squid
becomes unstable, very slow until could not serve the requests. It can
back to normal without any action. However, if I shutdown the Squid
and reload, it becomes back normal immediately (then unstable again).

Here is my sysctl.conf:

vm.bdflush = 100 1200 128 512 15 5000 500 1884 2
vm.buffermem = 20 10 60
vm.freepages = 512 768 1024
fs.file-max = 8192
fs.inode-max = 32768

In the setting above, which item that has wrong setting?
Where can I get a comprehensive information about sysctl.conf?

Your answer is very appreciated and waited for. Many thanks for your
kind help.

Best Regards,