Implementations should become available as the specifications themselves
become finalized.
The specs aren't cooked yet, so the implementations aren't there.

It is not expected that apps developers will build implementations of
WS-Transactions and WS-Coordination. The implementations will be done by
infrastructure vendors (eg, Microsoft, The Mind Electric, IBM, etc)

I don't understand your last question about DTC.

DTC is a service within Windows allowing distributed transaction commit. It
is not related to web services. However, it is possible to build a web
service that, once invoked, on the backend updates several transational
resources (including possibly one or more databases) and commits the work as
a single unit via DTC. In this scenario web services and DTC can work
together. But the transactional context does not get spread across the web
services link.

"dp" <> wrote in message om...
> Hi to all.
> I read a lot about BTP and WS-Transaction/WS-Coordination.
> Does exist any implementation of these specifications ?
> Or should the developer implement these protocols byself ?
> And I am going right, that DTC is only for distributed Database
> in Web Services ?
> Thanks in Advance !
> Daniel