True Secret History of Societe Commercial du On-dit (SCO) (Review Extract)

It was long suspected, and has now been confirmed by Darth McBride's
ghostwritten autobiography and DIY classic "Eunuchs Made Simple", precisely
how Darth McBride was readied for his position as CEO.

This book - now given away free with every purchase of an item from the SCO
EunuchsWear lingerie range for the genitally-challenged male - also sheds
much-appreciated light on the infamous Fifteen Hundred Letters incident,
when Darth McBride, furious at his brand's cool reception by customers,
mass-mailed potential customers with the threat to raid their premises with
the Eunuchs Unleashed* legal squad, to remove various components alleged to
infringe his copyrights and contracts.

*Eunuchs Unleashed - The lawyer-fanatics of the SCO Emperor. They were men
from an educational background of such boredom that it killed six out of
thirteen persons before the age of eleven. Their legal training emphasized
ruthlessness and a near-suicidal disregard for personal integrity. They
were taught from infancy to use stupidity as a standard weapon, weakening
opponents with boredom.

(With profuse apologies to Frank Herbert.)
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