I have a two column table, and right beside it I have a one column table, both
with 10 rows. The first table has a collection of categories, one per cell. The
second table is going to hold a collection of 4-10 sub-categores.

The idea is that the user will pick a category, and all the appropriate
subcategories will appear in the second table. The subcategories must have
links; when the user selects a subcategoriy, a new page will open with all the
stuff for that sub-category.

I have been able to change the test easily enough, using 'span' and behaviors.
But I have not been able to change the subcategory list and add hyperlinks to
that list.

I was able to do this using tables in layers and turning visibility on and off
- but wow, that was a clumsy way of doing things. I could also make individual
tables visible, etc - but again, it seemed clumsy. It seems there should be a
simple way to change a link, based on a selection!!!

I konw there's lots of drop-down boxes, etc... but I have a design I'm trying
to stay with on this (new) site, and really want to use this method if there's
a way to do it.

Your help is appreciated.