I wanted to share my woes I encountered today at work. I was looking at ways to
improve the performance of my queries(Stored Procs) within our SQL 2000
Database. Come to find out, there are certain settings that cause problems with
the ODBC connection(Native SQL Driver) from ColdFusion MX 6.1 and SQL Server. I
changed these settings:

sp_configure 'affinity mask',7 ----- I only wanted to use 75% of my
processors(1-1 processors,3-2 processors, 7-3 processors, etc)
sp_configure 'cost threshold for parallelism',2
sp_configure 'cursor threshold',100000
sp_configure 'min memory per query',2048
sp_configure 'network packet size',8192
sp_configure 'recovery interval',10

Once I implemented these database changes, ColdFusion seemed to stop
functioning correctly. I started losing client variables, cached queries and
sporadic query result sets. I am currently looking deeper and will keep those
interested in the loop. Sad part is with htese few changes, my queries seemed
to run about 300% faster in Query yzer.

- Kevin