I have some Letter size pdf pages (8.5 x 11). I also have some 8 x 10 size pages that go in the middle of the whole thing -- they were also Landscape pages that I rotated to Portrait to match the Letter sized ones -- There are also Acrobat added page numbers on the bottom of each page.

Problem: when I print, the Letter size pages print as they should, but when it gets to the 8 x 10 size pages they (contents) of course shift up (because they center on the page).

How do I make the whole doent 8.5 x 11? I tried Crop Pages but the Letter sized page is greyed out. I also tried selecting when printing the Fit to Printer Margins in the hopes that the smaller pages would expand to fill some of the white space, but it still shifts too much for comfort.

What am I doing wrong???