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> Greetings,
> I have loaded apache web server and php on a local computer running
> Windows 98.
> I have edited the "httpd-config' file in apache's config folder. I
> have also
> moved the php.ini file to Windows folder and the (2) .dll files to the
> Windows System folder. (although when I search for the .dll files,
> they are in the proper place but they do not appear in "windows
> explorer" ). I have placed the php files in the "htdocs" folder of
> Apache. When I attempt to open a php file such as phpinfo.php in IE
> browser, a "File Download" box appears instead of executing the
> script. I am stumpted at this point and not sure what to try next. I
> have rechecked the edits I made to files and php will still not run.
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
If you still have problems, email me and I can forward you my old http.conf
and php.ini files... however I think the fact that you cannot see your php
files in your windows folders could be one area to work on...

This is what I have...


In my Apache http.conf file I have (yep I know it says
d:/programs/php/php4apache.dll - I also (strangely) have a copy of the file
there and in my c:\windows\system directory - must be my mistake). The
following two lines are under 'Section 1' of the httpd.conf file

LoadModule php4_module d:/programs/php/php4apache.dll
AddModule mod_php4.c

Under Section 2 I have:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

And I tend to test by putting a simple phpinfo.php file in my htdocs area
that just contains


Try the above - if it doesn't work, drop me a byte and I'll forward you my
files - all you have to do then is search your httpd.conf file for 'php' and
see if you are missing anything...